The Commencement of the year in 1990, The Godrej Properties is one of the most trustworthy real estate development companies in the country. This real estate development company is growing rapidly and basically into suburban and industrial properties. Mr. Ardeshir Godrej was the founder of Godrej Group, which established this largest Godrej Empire. He was a great man with special virtues like rich experience, expertise, and depth knowledge in all the spheres of real estate development. The company is mainly concentrating on various aspects like property recognition and implementation, Project planning, and Property management. Its aim is to deliver luxury homes and affordable commercial spaces seeing the demands of real estate property buyers for luxury living and business execution.

Godrej Properties has brought an innovative and outstanding revolution through new technology, project planning, marketing, and new real estate development concepts in the real estate sector. Across India, the company is also covering more than 250 million sqft in all the spheres of real estate development. To remain in the global market, Godrej Properties has strong and long-term associations and partnerships with reputed names.

Their dedication, teamwork, and professionalism result in the timely delivery of various types of projects. Apart from this, it has also got the prime place in top ten real estate development companies of the country.